saving the internet

with a furry vengeance
Check Meow Out

cat-tastic skills

UI/UX Design

I construct meaningful design elements and imaginative interactions for users that won’t get caught between a cat and a mousetrap.

Front-end dev

I love diving into code to fish out little problems and tweaks. Dipping my toes into HTML and CSS was how I found my passion for web design.


I’m flying high when I get the chance to create¬†icons and illustrations. I love¬†expressing emotion or ideas through custom iconography.

Design & Crafts

Overall I’m a very complicated, crafty person. I like to do a little bit of everything and tend to get myself tangle up in all the excitement.

some of my portfolio


Feature image with a historic home with gold overlay and logo
Feature image of Britny on he typewriter with purple overlayand logo

Do you need a design partner to help you be extraordinary?

If you have a new business venture, a noble cause to our community, or a personal project you’d like design help with, I’ll be a great asset to your cause.