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Product Designer, Instructor, &
Recreational Cat Enthusiast

Adaptability | Maximizer | Intellection | Learner | Strategic
Omaha, Nebraska

about me

In preschool, I would spend my time doodling cats, rainbows, and hearts in the margins or blank spaces of my homework instead of answering the questions. 

Today, I’m still an artist. I’m a collaborative designer that specializes in mobile app design and interface design. I keep busy with a variety of passions, including moonlighting as an instructor at the local community college in the web design program. I’ve felt immense pride and honor passing on knowledge to the next generation of designers.

I am known for my adaptable nature, deep critical thinking, and obsession of cats. I collect Funko Pops, make macrame yarn art, and have three kitties and a dog.

I’m a good mix of professionalism and goofy weirdness. You can call me the cat-girl, not the crazy-cat-lady. If you happen to dislike the greatest creatures on earth, I promise to not give you a hard time 😉


University of Nebraska Omaha  |  Omaha, Ne
B.A.S.A. in Visual Technology  |  Aug 2012 – May 2014

Northeast Community College  |  Norfolk, Ne
A.A. in Graphic Design  |  Aug 2010 – May 2012

work experience
UX/UI Designer

Gallup  |  Omaha, NE
5+ years  |  Oct 2014 – Current

What I do at Gallup

Create digital experiences for higher education, large enterprise companies, and ecommerces consumer products. Product Designer for Gallup’s Education Suite and Lead Designer for Mobile Team. Create and implement accessibility standards company wide. Collaborate with cross-functional teams in an agile environment.

About Gallup

You've heard of the Gallup Poll right? Gallup is much more than polls. Combining more than 80 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens than any other organization in the world. With a variety of products and services, Gallup specializes in creating Exceptional Workplaces, K-12 / Higher Education, and Advance Predictive Analytics.


Metropolitan Community College  |  Elkorn/Omaha, NE
5+ years  |  Jul 2014 – Current

How I've contributed

Night-time instructor for web design related courses. Created curriculum for two classes, Designing With Wordpress and Mobile App Design, and co-created the UX/UI class, which all became required classes for the Web Design degree. Assist the Co-program Coordinator with educational strategies and student engagement for the Web Design Program. Ask how I got my teaching award!


UNO College of IS&T: The Attic   Omaha, NE
1 year 7 months  |  Feb 2013 – Sept 2014

how I got my start

While still in college, gained immediate real-world client experience and began to practice early principles of UX design before graduating. Designed and built hand-coded websites and modified WordPress applications. Designed interactive mobile applications and graphics.

WHAT is the attic

Student run incubator within the University that creates digital applications for clients of the community. Clients included local start-ups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.


Mobile Apps :: UX/UI Design, iOS/Android guidelines
Dashboard Interfaces
:: UX/UI Design
Accessibility/ADA :: UX/UI Design
System Architect :: Workflows, userflows, sitemaps
Wordpress :: Front-end Development
Email Design :: Visual Design, A/B testing, & Production Work
Data Visualizations :: All kinds

Vector Art :: Iconography & Illustration
Usability Testing :: Face-to-face, remote, impression
Interview Moderating :: Focus groups, one-on-one
HTML/CSS :: Front-end Development
Public Marketing :: UX/UI Design & Production Work
E-commerce :: UX/UI Design
Social Media :: Production Design

Making GIFs (lots of cat gifs)
Interaction Design
Social Media
AI/VR Design

design philosophy

An effective team is more than skilled professionals and a powerful product. Balancing experience, intuition, research, and time can either hinder or uplift a quality product. A successful product is only as good as the team dynamics. Design is often looked at as a form of leadership, owning that leadership with empathy, purpose, and collaboration to the entire team is what creates quality teams that are transparent and trusting in one another. Designs shouldn’t be thrown over the wall. There’s a problem if there is a wall at all.

About 20% of users have some form of a disability. With most U.S. companies catering to the majority and traditional designers not having the training for visual accessibility, these users are unrepresented. ADA lawsuits are at an all time high and will continue to rise. All designers are capable of making beautiful work, but in my humble opinion, accessible designs are what make a great designer better, because it’s more difficult to accomplish yet everyone can experience its beauty. 

This is a two prong proclamation for me: 

Relying on the visual design for quality. In a product, it’s easy to tell if it has good UI, but on the surface it’s harder to tell if it’s good UX. Bad UX is still bad design. 

Studying only best practices for usability.
I firmly believe most designers research one half of their UX strategy. Looking only at best practices is like choosing to not know the cons of a pro/con list.

Words give an impact. Words give clarity. Words are the new competitive advantage in UX. A hot job right now is the UX Copy Writer and rightfully so. Copy tends to go by the wayside because designers aren’t always trained in that way and tech writers are often not involved or don’t play a role in the final product. In the absence of a writer, it’s a designer’s responsibility to set the stage with good UX copy. The words designers place in a design are just as meaningful as the correct placement of a button. A cornerstone of my UX strategy includes UX copy writing skills.


Wordpress Sites

Classes Taught

Website redesigns

Mobile App Designs

AIGA Board Member - Webmaster :: Sept 2019 - Current

Excellence in Teaching Award :: MCC - 2019

Started a Side Business then Gracefully Failed :: 2017 & 2018

Speaker at Wordcamp Omaha :: Sept 2017

Mobile App Design added to Web Design degree :: MCC - Fall 2016

Designing with Worpress added to Web Design degree :: MCC - Fall 2015

All Star Award :: Gallup - May 2015, May 2016, April 2017, Nov 2018

Magna Cum Laude :: UNO - May 2014

Bronze Award in Illustration :: AIGA Show - Nov 2013

chloe markham

Product Designer, Instructor, & Recreational Cat Enthusiast

Omaha, Nebraska

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