My artistic journey starts all the way back in preschool. I would spend my time doodling cats, rainbows, and hearts in the margins or blank spaces of my homework instead of answering the questions.

Fast forward the last semester of my high school senior year. I felt the pressure with no realistic goal of what I wanted to do after graduating. I was a quiet art nerd, a crew member for theatre production, an amateur creative writer, and was a pretty speedy swimmer. Despite having these extracurricular interests, I knew they weren’t what I wanted to do the rest of my life. It was a last minute decision to take an intro Photoshop class that would setup my career path.

So I found myself in the graphic design. Two years into college, I came to a second realization. I was heading in the right direction, but I still didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to become. I was tired of being a waitress and wanted more real world experience to discover these answers. Knowing opportunities were slim against all the other designers in my class, I stumbled upon a design position that others were too afraid to apply for. Terrified as well, I bravely submitted my portfolio for a student position in a web development devision at UNO. To this day, it has been the greatest and most challenging adventure I have ever faced. Taking the leap brings great reward.

Among my friends and family, I am well known as an extreme recreational cat enthusiast. In my spare time, I enjoy writing and illustrating personal artwork. Last year, I moved to Omaha and am enjoying the city life. Despite hardship and financial struggles with my family, I completed my Bachelors from UNO with a full ride scholarship.

I strongly believe that not enough of graphic arts students are taking the leap to learn how to develop websites. I have taken it upon myself to help educate others to learn basic coding skills from a designer’s perspective. I am teaching part time at Metropolitan Community College to help better my cause.

my work is my play

UX/UI Designer

Omaha, Ne
Oct 2014 – Current

Produce intuitive and beautiful web experiences for enterprise clients and internal projects both desktop and mobile applications while under tight deadlines.

Design Instructor

Metropolitan Community College
Elkorn/Omaha, Ne
Jul 2014 – Current

Adjunct instructor for web design related courses. Created course curriculum for WordPress Design and Mobile App Design class which became part of the “Design and Interactive Media Arts” department.

Web Dev & Designer

UNO College of IS&T: The Attic
Omaha, Ne
Feb 2013 – Sept 2014

Designed and built hand-coded websites with Bootstrap and HTML/CSS. Designed, built, and modified WordPress applications. Created interactive mobile applications and stylish graphics.

Advertisement Designer

Affiliated Foods Midwest
Norfolk, Ne
Aug 2011 – May 2012

Edited pre-made or custom newspaper advertisement layouts for small town grocery stores. Proof reading brand names, pricing, and dates were valued at the most utmost importance. 

Customer Servant

Famous Dave’s – Omaha, Ne
Pizza Hut – Columbus, Ne
Starbucks – Columbus, Ne
2008 – 2013

That’s not a spelling error. You haven’t been under pressure before until you’ve worked in food customer service. 

furry friends

Kristin Sword

Dinosaur Lover & Woo Embodiment

Ex. Performance Team Lead & Project Manager
LinkedIn Profile

Zac Fowler

Outdoor Adventurous & Mentor

IT Outreach
UNO College of IS&T
LinkedIn Profile

Avery Mazor

Free Spirit & Free-lance Professional

Ex. Graphic Communication Arts & Design
UNO College of Fine Arts & Media

book smarts

University of Nebraska at Omaha

B.A.S.A. in Visual Technology
Magna cum laude
Aug 2012 – May 2014
Omaha, NE

Northeast Community College

A.A. in Graphic Design
Aug 2010 – May 2012
Norfolk, NE

Columbus High School

Class of 2010
Columbus, NE

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chloe markham

UX/UI Designer, Instructor, &
Recreational Cat Enthusiast

Omaha, Nebraska

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