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Interweaving Text With an Image

Overlapping text to make it look like the letters are interweaved.

Folded Logo Letter Design

Create the full color primary logo graphic, then follow up with flat and mono versions.

Selective Color Photo Effect

Converting a black and white photo with a single color preserved to highlight specific areas.

Apply a Realistic Rust Texture

Realistically apply a texture to any design. Get Download Assets

Complex Mandala Designs Made Easy

Make intricate mandalas with simple Illustrator tools such as rotate and replicate.

From Sketches to Killer Digital Art

Time lapse video of an artist’s sketch transformed into a digital design with color values.

Vector Animal Polygon Graphic

Made up of numerous shapes, with a gradient fill which gives a faceted diamond like appearance.

Animated Cinemagraph Image

Animated GIFs where the motion is restricted to a specific area of the image.

Abstract Repeated Linear Shapes

Using the pen and blending tools, create advanced looking abstractions.

Double Color Exposure Effect

Two photographs are blended into one image to create a surreal picture. Additional Assets

Best and Worst Ways to Make a B&W Photo

Discover multiple tools to make B&W images, that all provide different results.

Geometric Photo Arrangment

Combine Illustrator and Photoshop to produce a trendy geometric photo collage. Additional Assets